Knights Party Press Release: Apr. 12. 2021

It seems we, as White American citizens are damned if we do…damned if we don’t with this headline from The National Review, posted Saturday, April 10th, “Biden Admin Weighs Cash Transfers to Central America to Slow Migration.”

The Biden administration is considering cash transfers to Northern Triangle countries in a bid to ease migration from those nations to the U.S., Reuters reported on Saturday.

The potential cash transfers could be accomplished by channeling funds through international or non-governmental organizations that would vet applicants, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters. Coronavirus vaccine exports are also being studied as a way to improve the economy of the Northern Triangle region, or the nations of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas, spoke out from his office, saying “It seems like White American’s end up funding the lives of these third world, non-whites, one way or another. So lets pay them to stay out of our country? What sense does this make? Let’s say this happens, what’s next? Every non-white country in the world sees that America doesn’t have the backbone to end non-white immigration, we pay them not to come, so these third world, non-white countries see they can profit by threatening to invade our country. Joe Biden doesn’t mind at all spending our money. The agenda of White Genocide isn’t good enough for Joe Biden, he wants us killed off broke as well!”