Knights Party Press Release: May 12. 2021

Why would black lives matter to any race, when the don’t even matter to the black race? You can’t expect respect from others, when you have no respect for yourself, and this headline from The American Conservative from Monday, May 10th, says alot, “The Black Deaths Nobody Wants To Discuss.”

Black men are systemically shot and killed in New York City and no one seems to care because the triggers aren’t pulled by cops. If you say discussing this is a distraction from racism, you do it from atop a lot of graves. And how can anyone say that doesn’t matter?

Who is dying? Some 65 percent of homicide victims are black, though they make up less than a quarter of the city’s population. In the unsuccessful homicides, e.g., “shootings,” black Americans are over 70 percent of the victims. The dead include more and more young people. This is because gang-related activity drives the shootings in the city. Over 90 percent of black homicide victims were killed by another black person, not by the white supremacists or cops the media warns us about.

The National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “Blacks make up only 13% of America, yet they commit over 50% of America’s crimes. Some have suggested reasons for this, but it isn’t a topic that is considered open for debate. Instead, the blame is shifted to others, including the police.  Blacks kill blacks more than White’s kill blacks, and law enforcement kill blacks combined. This is devastating to the black community and unfair to the white community who receives the blame when blacks kill other blacks.”