Knights Party Press Release: May 19. 2021

Finally, a win for our God-given right, protected by the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution! The Washington Times, on Monday, May 17th, posted this headline, “Supreme Court rejects warrantless seizure of guns from home.”

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled unanimously for a Rhode Island man after police responding to a domestic disturbance took guns from his home without a warrant — a violation of the man’s Fourth Amendment rights, the justices ruled.

Police citing mental health concerns seized two handguns while in the home, though the man had no criminal or violent history. His wife had reported she was concerned he was suicidal.

Speaking from his National Office in Harrison, Arkansas, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, Thomas Robb said, “In Biblical times, if even visiting a family member or friend, respect to one’s home was given. A visitor wouldn’t even approach your door if uninvited. They stood afar off, until invited by the homeowner to approach. Unlike in today’s times, when a man or woman can have their home invaded by unwanted people, their possessions ransacked, and their means of protection removed on the word of one person, it’s unbelievable. Our 2nd Amendment insures us of our God-given right to protect ourselves, and no court in America has the authority to deny us of what God has given us. Now I realize in this case, it was a win for this gentleman, but in many instances it is not. If more people don’t stand up, this God-given right is going to be taken from us in a final blow to our own personal safety.”