Knights Party Press Release: June 2. 2021

Bias between the races, black privilege, call it what you will, but Gateway Pundit, on Monday night, ran an all to familiar headline with this one, “Black Man Sucker Punches Asian Woman in ChinatownKnocks Her Out Cold.”

Surveillance video provided to New York Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou showed a black man sucker punching an Asian woman in Chinatown and knocking her to the ground.

An Asian woman was walking in Chinatown in Lower Manhattan when a black man hit her in the face so hard that she fell backwards.

The woman appeared to be knocked out cold as bystanders approached her to help her.

National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb spoke out about this saying, “Has anyone else noticed all these Black on Asian crimes lately and how they’re reported by mainstream media? Words like ‘attack’, ‘sucker punch’, ‘knocked out cold’, but it’s never reported for what it truly is. This is a non-white ‘hate crime”. Imagine the headlines if these were White people committing these crimes against the Asian community! It’s what’s not mentioned in these headlines that makes it clear that even the media in America hates it’s founding people, which is the White, Christian race.”