Knights Party Press Release: June 25. 2021

Even young children know ‘boys will be boys’… literally. NewsBusters ran this headline, “8th-Grader Shames School Board‘How Evil Can You Be?’”, on Wednesday, June 23rd.

Jolene Grover, the 8th Grade student who went viral this month after calling out the Loudoun County School board for its dangerous transgender policies and CRT indoctrination, was back again at the heated June 22 school board meeting. Once again, she scorched panel members.

She told the board, “Being a girl is not all in my head. Boys who identify as girls are no different from boys who identify as boys except in their feelings about themselves. But feelings are not why we have separate bathrooms. We have separate bathrooms because of what our bodies do in them. Bodies matter.”

Grover rejected the leftist school board’s promotion of gender ideology. “Calling girls bigots because they don’t want to use a toilet in a stall next to a boy or get undressed next to a boy is cruel and wrong,” she said.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas spoke out saying, “Not only are these policies sexually immoral, they’re dangerous. What’s more, I find it disturbing that an 8th grader has to speak out against these policies. Where are the parents? As a parent, it’s your job to protect your children. No child should have to speak out about such sexually immoral policies, it’s the parents job to take a stand against these sexual deviants. More parents need to get involved in their childs school policies, and stand against sexual immorality and CRT theory teachings in America’s public school systems. Sending your White, Christian child into the public school system alone, is like sending them into the camp of the enemy alone.”