Knights Party Press Release: July 19. 2021

In today’s world, it’s concidered racist to say that America’s government should be White only. But is it really? Take for example this headline, “Rochester mayor hit with gun charge, child endangerment“, posted by HotAir, on Sunday, July 18th.

Sometimes you can feel like it’s just not your day. But for Rochester, New York Mayor Lovely Warren, it’s just not turning out to be her year. First, she was found to have mishandled the case of Daniel Prude’s death in police custody so badly that her entire senior police command staff quit in protest. Then, in May, her husband, Timothy Granison, was arrested for allegedly being part of an illegal drug-dealing ring. At the time, she suggested to reporters that the arrest was part of a plot to undermine her in the upcoming primary election. (If it was a plot, it was a very successful one, because she went on to lose in a landslide.) But now the soon-to-be-ex mayor has even more problems because she too has been arrested on an illegal weapons charge, child welfare endangerment and other charges.

Speaking out from his office, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “America’s forefathers built their government with Whites only in any office. They intended it to remain that way. After all, America is a White, Christian country. How many non-white countries throughout the world, do you think have White people holding any kind of public officice? Yet here in America, we have a mixed bag of just about any race you can think of, holding governmental positions. From Federal, down to local positions. In this case, a mayor, which happens to be black. We all know every race has it’s characteristics. That’s a fact, and it’s not racist to say that either. Here we have a black, not only mishandling a major case, but her husband being arrested for being part of an illegal drug ring. Now, she herself is facing illegal weapons charges, and child endangerment charges. If you look at these charges, illegal drug ring and weapons charges, these are characteristic of the black race. I remember a time when the November criminals were at most, charged with maybe lining their pockets with a few tax dollars, but today, these people are no more than street ‘thugs’ within our government. In this case, it’s a mayor, but this goes clear to the top of our government. I would take a White politician lining his pockets with tax dollars, over any of these non-white terrorist thugs in office today. This is just a small example of why our forefathers insisted on a White only run government for our White, Christian country.”