Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 2. 2021

I’ve said from the start that White America will defend itself, and on Friday, July 30th, The Daily Wire posted this headline, “Nearly Half Of Republicans Think ‘Patriotic Americans’ Will One DayHave To Take The Law Into Their Own Hands’.”

More than half of Republicans support the potential use of force to preserve traditional American values and nearly half believe a time will come when “patriotic Americans” will have to take the law into their own hands, according to the results of a George Washington University poll released this week.

“Support for fundamental principles such as free and fair elections, free speech, and peaceful protest are nearly unanimous among both Democrats and Republicans,” GWU wrote. “Their views on other democratic values, however, differ dramatically. Over half of Republicans (55%) supported the possible use of force to preserve the ‘traditional American way of life,’ compared to 15% of Democrats. When asked if a time will come when ‘patriotic Americans have to take the law into their own hands,’ 47% of Republicans agreed, as opposed to just 9% of Democrats.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas, spoke out saying, “While myself, and Knights Party members never promote vigilante violence, with the left pushing this defunding the police agenda, and our Second Amendment rights under attack, what do people expect? Proud White patriots are only projected as the minority by our government and the mainstream media. The fact is, we are the majority, and we are spread from ‘sea to shinning sea’. When it comes to our God-given, White, Christian nation, believe me, defend her we will! When times get rough, we always have.”