Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 20. 2021

Now, America’s favorite sport is racist, according to this headline from NewsBusters, on Wednesday, August 18th, “Inside Raceball: Washington Post Wants MLB Blacker.”

The Washington Post has “spent this baseball season examining the experiences of nine African American ballplayers, from a 90-year-old icon to an 18-year-old prospect,” according to an introduction to it’s series of articles called “The Nine.” It’s an exercise that’s supposed to tell readers important things “about this game and this country.”

It tells us more about the race-obsessed progressives who write for the Post than anything else. The central theme of the nine long articles is that, after an arduous, often painful integration era and a black heyday in the 1970s and 80s, there have been fewer and fewer black major leaguers. More than 16% of MLB players in 1989 were black. Today it’s less than 7%.

As you can guess, this is baseball’s fault. “If it’s American, today it’s called racist”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas. “If you look at American professional sports, you see very few White athletes. If these non-white athletes were in their respective homelands, they more than likely wouldn’t have had the opportunity to play any professional sports, making the ridiculous wages their paid in America, yet they complain there’s not enough non-whites in baseball? This is typical of some, not all, non-whites, but it’s an all or nothing attitude.”