Knights Party Press Release: Aug 18. 2021

In a time when our government tries to instill fear and panic into American citizens over this Delta variant, Townhall, on Monday evening, August 16th, ran this headline, “Border Town Doctor Tells How Hospitals Are Filled with COVID-Positive Immigrants.”

One of the main concerns the border towns have been dealing with during the current border crisis has been the number of illegal immigrants positive for COVID-19.

The city of McAllen, Texas, had to recently use some of its resources to set up a temporary holding site for COVID-positive immigrants since both Border Patrol and local non-governmental organizations are overwhelmed by the thousands of people illegally crossing into the U.S. on a daily basis.

“Wait a minute, American’s are being told that masks are being mandated in more and more places throughout America, and we have Covid positive illegal immigrants flooding our border”?, was a question posed by Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party based in Harrison, Arkansas. Robb continued, “No wonder American’s are up in arms over these mandates. We’re being told to mask up, social distance, and get vaccinated, yet we’re allowing Covid positive illegals into our country. It contradicts how dangerous our government and health officials tell us this Delta variant is.”