Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 27. 2021

It’s no laughing matter… literally! This headline is from The Daily Caller, published on Monday, August 25th, “Comedian David Spade Says Cancel Culture Creates A ‘Tough World’ For Humor.”

Superstar David Spade talked about the “tough world out there” now for comedians amid cancel culture and said he really hopes “comics are allowed to be comics.”

“It’s very dicey,” the 57-year-old actor told Variety in a piece published Tuesday, when asked about comedians being censored in the time of cancel culture.

“It’s very tricky,” he added. “You used to have to say anything to go as far as you could, to push the envelope, to get attention, and people would be like, ‘I like this guy. He’s pushing it.’ And in comedy clubs, audiences really appreciate that … Now you say the one wrong move and you’re canceled.”

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas, added, “These comedians think they have it tough? Today in America, if you’re Christian, White, proud of your culture, heritage, and history, you don’t have to say a word and you’re cancelled! We as White people in America, and abroad, have more to worry about than not receiving laughter from an audience. Our very lives are on the line. I understand the concerns a comedian may have in their profession, but honestly, there’s more at stake with this ‘cancel culture’ than laughter, and it’s not a laughing matter.”