Knights Party Press Release: Sept. 10. 2021

Back to the grindstone for millions, with this headline from The Christian Broadcasting Network, posted on Wednesday, September 8th, “Loss of Pandemic Payouts May Push People Back to Work as $70,000 Unemployment Benefits Run Out.”

Congress gave out trillions of dollars in federal aid in the form of expanded unemployment benefits to help our crippled economy and people forced out of work by COVID.

Pandemic-related benefits for unemployed workers over the past 18 months include aid to self-employed and gig workers, workers who have been unemployed for more than six months, and a federal $300 weekly supplemental unemployment benefit.

Now, those benefits are going away and it’s affecting about 7 million people who relied on them during the start of the pandemic. “Unemployment benefits can’t last forever, like it seems this Chinese flu narrative is”, Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas, was quoted as saying. He added, “I feel for the many American’s that needed this money, but we also need to realize that small businesses across the country are desparate for employees. Many companies are offering sign on bonuses and increased wages.  I hope that American citizens who have been unemployed will see this as a new opportunity. If they don’t, we’ll likely see a big push for immigrant laborers and this will eventually displace more American workers and contribute to a more rapid decline of our culture.”