Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 7. 2022

How do you feel about being a forced ‘Welcome Wagon’? You’re not alone. This head comes from The Washington Examiner, dated, Saturday, February 5th, “Can the Border Patrol survive Joe Biden?”

The Biden administration has transformed and imperiled the mission of the Border Patrol through migration policies that have led to a crisis at the southern border, current and former agents say.

Border Patrol agents broke protocol to claim in interviews with the Washington Examiner that their jobs have been remade since President Joe Biden took office a year ago. They say that they have been redirected from fulfilling a law enforcement and national security role to working as though they were in an Ellis Island-style welcome center.

National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “Today in America, we’re seeing an influx of non-white, 3rd world immigrants like America has never seen before. Gone are the by-gone days of European, White immigrants landinding on our shores to find work to better their, and their families lives, and be productive members of our society, building and making America a better place. No, today’s immigrants are quite different. They’re not coming here to be productive citizens, rather, they’re coming here to strain America. If these people were any good for our society, ask yourself this, why are the countries they’re coming from in such deplorable condition? If these people were good for society, their own countries would be prosperious. They wouldn’t have to flee! Open your eyes, these people are destroying our country, and killing off it’s White citizens with the crime they bring. The only reason the Leftists want these people here is because by giving them a ‘free’ life, at your expense. These peolple are nothing but votes to keep the Democrat’s in power. It’s costing you, a White citizen, your livelyhood and your country.”