Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 4. 2022

Lawmakers have reached a level of depravity that should concern every parent. This headline was released from LifeSiteNews on Wednesday, February 2nd., “Washington state approves insurance coverage for minors who undergo transgender surgeries.”

Washington state law that forces insurance providers to cover gender mutilation surgeries for children as young as 13 without parental consent went into effect in January.

SB 5313 mandates that insurance companies must cover so-called “gender affirming,” “transgender” surgical procedures for adolescents, including castration, mastectomies, and tracheal shaves, without parental consent, despite the fact that parents would pay for the prescribed treatment as policyholders, according to Seattle radio host Jason Rantz.

Speaking as a loving father, and Pastor, the National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb spoke out saying, “I sometimes think to myself when I see these headlines that show the depravity that our lawmakers have stooped to, ‘Sodom and Gomorah couldn’t have been anymore sexually deviant than America is today.’ Why isn’t God destroying us, like he did those two biblical cities? I believe that if it continues much longer, He just may. God gives us, his chosen people, the Israelites spoken of the Bible, every chance to repent for our sins. He did this throughtout the recordings of his people in the Bible. But there’s a limit to God’s patience. Until our people repent, we’re doomed. You may not realize this, but tolerating these sins is as good as committing them. Where are these helpless, lost, children’s parents? It’s your job to teach biblical morals to your children, as it’s my job to teach them to my congregation. Believe me, one day we will be held accountable to God for what we did, or failed to do, in teaching biblical principals to others.”