Knights Party Press Release: Mar. 7. 2022

The steps towards communism are revealed in this article from The Daily Signal, dated Friday, March 4th, headlined, “Big Tech Promotes a Big Lie”.

As Big Tech gatekeepers like Google and Amazon face long-overdue scrutiny in Washington for anti-competitive practices that limit choice and reduce quality online, they have resorted to a national security defense: Breaking us up, they claim, will only help China.

It’s an ironic move. These tech giants have extensive, well-documented ties to Beijing, doing high-volume business in China’s marketplace, while capitulating to the whims of its government for fear of losing access and status.

Their arguments are an insult to the spirit of American ingenuity, which is driven by innovation unleashed through competition, not by condoning a chokepoint of five global corporations that have become ever more complacent as their market power grows.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, with his centrally located National Office in Harrison, Arkansas, spoke saying, “This is a movement towards communism. Just like social media platforms censoring what can be said, these Big Tech companies censor, or tell you what you can or cannot buy. You’re not given choices as to where your products come from, and less and less are being produced in America. Look at oil, America has the capability to produce enough oil for Americans, yet we buy it from other countries. Why? It’s an attempt to control American citizens. Make no mistake, fear and the control of citizens of any country are the beginning steps of it’s government to turn that country into a communist country”.