Knights Party Press Release: May 16. 2022

It seems since Disney has lost so many viewers, and Christian families refusing to go to Disneyland, Mickey and Minnie have nobody to play with, but themselves. Breitbart News published this headline, “Disney-ABC Drama Paints Parent of Trans Teen as RacistTeacher as ‘Hero’ Who ‘Gets It’‘ “, on Saturday, May 14th.

A recent episode of the ABC drama A Million Little Things featured a parent reticent to allow his child to indulge in transgenderism being portrayed as a bigot while a teacher who supports the student’s transition is treated as a hero. Disney owns ABC. The episode airs as Disney continues to push its radical LGBTQ agenda.

In the episode, “Out of Hiding,” series regular Rome Howard (Romany Malco), a teacher at a prep school, is discussing his upcoming parent-teacher conferences with his wife Regina (Christina Moses) when he mentions that a young female student of his named Madison (Ash Spencer) wants to be called “Maddox” because she doesn’t want to be a girl any more.

Rome says he is worried because Madison’s parents do not support their child’s transition. But Rome does.

During the episode, Madison appeals to the Rome because he “gets it.” Madison asks Rome to explain to her parents that she does not want to be thought of as their little girl.

National Director of the Knights Party, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb, was quoted as saying, “Just like so many ‘woke’ companies, Disney has lost it’s fan base. But instead of quietly fading away, Disney has decided to cater to the few Sodomites instead. I don’t think it would have mattered if they would’ve backpeddled, and apologized for supporting the LGBTQ+ agenda, because White, Christian, American citizens would have known Disney’s true intentions, and would have still refused to support Disney in any of their endeavors. Just like Coke, and so many other companies, they’ll find out the hard way that America is still a majority White, Christian nation. I, and many of the Knights Party members and supporters fight hard to keep it that way too.”