Knights Party Press Release: May 20. 2022

Is anything ‘real’ about Joe Biden? The Daily Wire published this headline on Tuesday, May 17th, “Nearly Half Of Biden’s Twitter Followers Are ‘Fake’.”

Nearly half of President Joe Biden’s Twitter followers are fake accounts, according to a report.

An audit of Biden’s official @POTUS Twitter account found that 49.3% of the Twitter users who follow the account are “fake followers,” Newsweek initially reported Tuesday. To conduct the audit, Newsweek used a follower audit tool, called “Fake Followers,” created by data analytics firm SparkToro.

According to the Fake Followers tool, which is available to use for free online, the @POTUS Twitter account has about 10.9 million “fake followers” out of 22.2 million total, which make up 49.3% of the account’s followers. That number is relatively high for an account of that size. The median percentage of “fake followers” for an account of similar size is 41%, putting the @POTUS account on the high end of the spectrum. The low end of the spectrum for an account of similar size is about 25% “fake followers.”

Thomas Robb, National Director of the Knights Party, located centrally in Harrison, Arkansas, was quoted as saying, “Today’s America is a mirror image of Orwell’s book, ‘1984’. What was once considered wrong, is now right, and what was right, is now wrong. I feel as though I’m living in an illusion, a nightmare actually. Nothing seems real, Mainstream Media isn’t real news, it’s merely a bullhorn for the leftist agenda, the 2020 election wasn’t real, Mainstream Social Media sites don’t seem real because only the left is allowed to voice their opinion, everyone else is silenced, newspapers print lies, my T.V. is nothing more than an indoctrination device, trying to influence me that homosexuality and race-mixing is the new ‘in’ thing, and the list goes on and on. After the 2020 election, does it really surprise anyone that Joe Biden’s Twitter followers are 50% fakes? America’s White, Christian citizens had better soon open their eyes soon as to what is really going on around them before it’s too late. Our Nation is being turned into a fantasy world, a world that soon won’t exist at all”.