Knights Party Press Release: June 1. 2022

American women under assault! Breitbart News published this article on Monday, May 30th, headlined, “Previously Arrested Illegal Alien Accused of Drugging, Raping Woman“.

An illegal alien, previously arrested for assault and theft, is now accused of drugging and raping a woman in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Reymundo Loa Rodriguez, an illegal alien with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer, was arrested and charged on May 19 after a woman called police and accused him of drugging and raping her.

According to the woman, on May 19, Rodriguez told her to take a substance before he started touching her breasts and genitals. The woman said she told Rodriguez “No, quit” but that the man did not stop.

At some point, the woman said she passed out after feeling increasingly worse. When she woke up, she told police her genital area was in extreme pain and accused Rodriguez of raping her while she was unconscious.

The woman said she and Rodriguez started fighting about what had occurred and he allegedly offered her money and the residence in exchange for her not calling the police. When officers arrived on the scene, Rodriguez said he and the woman had sex but that it was consensual, a claim the woman denies.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, was quoted as saying this, “Women in America today are under assault on all sides. They are forced to compete in sports with biological men, and words once used to describe pregnancy, birthing, and infant feeding have been twisted to include homosexual men, and this article shows they are under attack from these non-white criminals roaming our streets. America’s women today are subject to sex trafficking, forced into prostition, and in this case, rape. What happened to America’s value of women? One thing is, this invasion of 3rd world non-whites who do not value our culture is a big problem. We see stories of these people sending their children to the border unaccompanied, and even using their children as floatation devices to cross the Rio Grande. They do not share any of our culture or values as to our love of our families, love of our race, love of our God, our culture, heritage, and history. These people have a hatred for us, as shown in this article. They don’t value their own women, let alone ours. Our women are prey to them. We need to stand and resist this unbridled influx of 3rd World non-white people, because if we don’t, this will be their country soon. If you don’t understand what’s happening, look up the definition of genocide, because that is exactly what this is. White genocide”.