Knights Party Press Release: June 13. 2022

Are we still a White, Christian country? Articles like this one from¬†The Washington Examiner make me wonder. This headline was published on Saturday, June 11th., “Lululemon introduces workout hijabs.”

Apparel company Lululemon has introduced a new line of workout hijabs as some retailers continue to appeal to Islamic women amid controversies surrounding similar clothing.

The new clothes, which were placed online earlier this week, come in two different styles: the Lightweight Performance Hijab and the wraparound Scarf-Style Hijab, both of which are designed to allow Islamic women the flexibility of working out while donning religious garb, even as some governments, such as France, debate allowing similar athletic wear in certain public spaces.

Similar athletic wear geared toward Muslim women has attracted controversy. Grenoble, a city in France, initially voted in favor of allowing women to wear burkinis, which cover everything but the wearers’ faces, hands, and feet, on May 16. But the vote was suspended by a French administrative court, which said the move was “seriously undermining secularism,” on May 26. Muslim rights organizations in France have argued that bans on burkinis restrict fundamental liberties and embrace discrimination, according to Reuters.

Other major retailers, such as Nike and Macy’s, introduced similar clothing lines that included hijabs in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Macy’s received both backlash and praise for the clothing, with some arguing the company was embracing a symbol of oppression and others praising the brand for its promotion of diversity, according to Business Insider.

National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, with members throughout America, Thomas Robb said this, “I wonder how many non-white, non-Christian countries produce and sell Christian based products, such as Bibles, Crucifices, Holy Water, and other related items? Muslims hate Christians, yet companies in America, just to make a buck, produce and sell muslim
attire. I shouldn’t have to remind anyone of this fact, but I will for those who may not know this. At no time in history, anywhere on Earth, has multiculturalism and diversity worked out for the better of any society. In fact, where it was tried, those societies crumbled. Look at America today, we are crumbling, and it’s being fast-tracked by catering to non-whites that hate us.”