Knights Party Press Release: June 22. 2022

Wow, talk about double standards in Big Tech! On Saturday, June 18th, Breitbart News published this article, headlined, “Facebook Messenger Phishing Scam Tricked 10+ Million People.”

A well-written phishing message sent via Facebook Messenger has reportedly scammed 10 million Facebook users and counting.

ThreatPost reports that over the course of months, millions of Facebook users have been tricked by a phishing scam that dupes users into sending hackers their account credentials. The scam is still currently active and is continuing to direct victims to a fake Facebook login page to submit their credentials. It is currently estimated that around 10 million users have fallen victim to the scam.

A recent report from PIXM Security claims that the phishing campaign started last year and doubled its efforts in September. Security researchers believe that millions of Facebook users were targeted each month by the scam, which is still currently active.

The National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, Thomas Robb, with his National Office centrally located in Harrison, Arkansas, said, “It amazes me how these Big Tech companies seem to have ‘rules for me, but not for thee’ mentalities. Here we have Mark Zuckerberg, and Facebook, that can censor and block White Christians, proud White Patriots, and Conservatives. On Facebook, you can not mention God, unless of course it’s some non-white god of another culture, you can’t give a conservative opinion, even if it’s backed by facts and statistics, and also, you can’t give an accurate account of America’s history! I know of someone personally that has been banned from Facebook permenately 3 times, in the last month! Each time, this person somehow managed to, or thought they managed to pull the wool over Facebook’s eyes by opening another account using different credentials to do so. Each time, and even sometimes under a different name, location, IP address, the whole nine yards, this person was somehow found out by Facebook’s algorithms and banned again. Even without posting a thing to their page! Now you tell me how Facebook can’t pinpoint this more than likely non-white from another country and stop him from decieving 10 million and counting Facebook users? This is proof of Big Tech’s double standards.”