Knights Party Press Release: July 4, 2022

This article from Fox News, published on Friday, July 1st, headlined, “Moms sound alarm about teachers’ unions, learning loss: ‘We need to turn this country around'”, is spot on. Kind of.

A panel of mothers raised concerns Friday over teachers’ unions taking over public education after children’s academic performance fell below expectations during the COVID-induced closures of schools.

“I absolutely think that our side gets stronger and stronger every day. Over the last two years, the momentum that we have gained and waking parents up to what’s actually going on in government schools, it’s been really refreshing to see more people are getting involved,” single mother of three, Cheryl Onderchain, told “Fox & Friends First.”

“I actually started a chapter of Moms for Liberty here in Loudoun County [Virginia]. And that’s our mantra. We are fighting for parental rights on all levels of government. We need to turn this country around. These teachers’ unions are evil, and they have really taken over government education, and we need to stop it.”

The Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, National Director, Thomas Robb had this to say Sunday afternoon, “Alot of us know that America’s public schools are nothing more than a place to indoctrinate America’s youth. From the government promoted LGBTQ+ agenda, to Critical Race Theory, which does nothing but twist America’s founding to the point that children become ashamed of their White race, and themselves, and that outcome presents an attitude of hatred towards America in our children. These Mom’s are very courageous for standing up for our youth, but being so few in number willing to stand up, in my opinion they may be going about making change the wrong way. Our government funded school systems are very powerful because they’re run by our corrupt government. I think instead of fighting against for possibly years to make change, change can be made immediately by parents pulling their children out of system and homeschooling them. Parents can do it, they just did over the Chinese Flu, so saying you can’t do it, is nothing more than an excuse. With that being said, I’ll leave you with a great website to get you started,”