Knights Party Press Release: July 1. 2022

Tragedy or a blessing? You decide on this recent news article from The New Daily, that was published on Tuesday, June 28th, headlined, “Dozens of migrants found dead in San Antonio truck.”

The bodies of 46 dead migrants have been discovered inside a tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas, in one of the most deadly recent incidents of human smuggling along the US-Mexico border.

A San Antonio Fire Department official said they found “stacks of bodies” and no signs of water in the truck, which was found on Monday next to railway tracks in a remote area on the city’s southern outskirts.

Sixteen other people found inside the trailer were transported to hospitals for heat stroke and exhaustion. They included four minors, although no children were among the dead, the department said.

“It’s probably close [to] 100 in the truck,” a law enforcement source told the San Antonio Express-News, adding that “about half” of the group were likely dead.

The National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “The left never misses an opportunity to try to advance their agenda of destroying America. These types of instances occur all the time. This just happened to be a larger amount of illegals that died all together. Many of these illegals die on their journey to America. Many die attempting to cross the Rio Grande River, but these actually died on American soil, on which they didn’t belong on to begin with. Now, the Leftists, and their Mainstream Media cohorts are using this to try and gain your pity because they died here. These illegals know how dangerous their trek to America can be, yet they take that gamble. Is that White, America’s fault? Of course not. Who pities the bank robber or any other criminal that is shot and killed commiting a crime? Most would probably say ‘they got what they deserved’. This is the case here, they took a very dangerous chance, and they lost. They knew the risks involved, yet they tried. They say, ‘play stupid games, you win stupid prizes’. This applies to this as well.”