Knights Party Press Release: July 27. 2022

The same old song and dance. This headline, “The Border’s Toll: Migrants Increasingly Die Crossing Into US From Mexico“, was published by NewsMax on Monday, July 25th.

In the early hours of Friday, May 6, Gerardo Avila and five other migrants scaled the 18-foot U.S. border wall next to a Mexican highway, about a quarter mile west of the Otay Mesa port of entry in San Diego.

Avila had been deported to Mexico a few weeks earlier after three decades in the United States, and was trying to get back to his family for Mother’s Day, relatives said.

As he was climbing, bright lights from a border patrol vehicle flashed in the direction of the wall, illuminating the foggy night sky. Agents heard a scream and saw Avila fall about 15 feet, according to a Border Patrol statement, which identified him only as a “male citizen of Mexico.” Avila, 47, was declared dead at the scene.”

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas spoke from his office saying, “These stories are written to tug on the heartstrings of White Americans. That’s the only purpose for them. Sure, some White Americans fall victim to this propaganda, but that’s what it’s written for, leftist propaganda, to make you feel pity for someone commiting a crime. Now tell me the truth, how many White American citizens would feel pity, for say, a non-white rapist if he fell over dead while commiting a rape? You’re probably thinking right now that I must be crazy for even asking a question like that, right? Well, it’s exactly the same thing that the Mainstream Media is doing with an article like this. And some of you actually feel pity for an ‘illegal’ alien, that fell to his death commiting a crime against every White, American citizen in this country! Nobody forces these people to do what they do trying to ‘illegally’ gain entry to our country. Keep in mind, trying to, and succeeding sometimes, illegal entry into America is a crime, just as is rape, robbery, murder, etc. You can’t feel pity for one crime, and not the rest.”