Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 22. 2022

I thought only White people were racist? Apparently not according to this headline, “Teachers’ Union Officials ‘Extremely Proud’ Of Deal To Lay Off White Teachers First“, published from The Daily Caller on Friday, August 19th.

The president and vice president of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers defended a contract provision that states white teachers would be laid off first in a Friday appearance on ABC.

“This contract language was something that we are, first of all, extremely proud of for achieving but it also doesn’t go far enough,” Greta Callahan, president of the teachers’ union, told “GMA3” host Amy Robach. “We need to support and retain our educators, especially those who are underrepresented, and this language does one tiny, minuscule step towards that but doesn’t solve the real crisis we’re in right now.”

The contract language was agreed to after a three-week strike in March, according to CNN. Provisions in the contract require Minneapolis Public Schools to disregard seniority when prioritizing layoffs and instead lay off white teachers first.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas said, “This is racism against White people in our own White, Christian country. Imagine if this decision would have been to lay off black teachers first! There would be rioting in the streets! This isn’t just racist, this is wrong in so many ways. For instance, in America children are graded by race, not intellegence. Now not all, but on average, black children graduate high school and college with a much lower grade point average than your average White student. These below average black students become teachers, and are given preference over White teachers. By giving black teachers an advantage over White teachers of keeping their jobs in an event of a lay off, naturally lowers the quality of education for all children. The facts are this, the average IQ among the black race is 70. That’s borderline retarded. And I say average, because this doesn’t mean all black people have an IQ of 70, but it does mean the average black person isn’t really qualified to teach White students at all.”