Knights Party Press Release: Sept. 16. 2022

Anti-White racism in a White, Christian country? Apparently so, according to this article published by The Blaze, on Wednesday September 14th., headlined, “‘Woke’ Department of Defense DEI education officer has lengthy history of anti-White racism.”

The chief officer of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the education wing of the Department of Defense has recently come under fire after Fox News uncovered a trail of social media posts and children’s books that disparage white people.

Kelisa Wing, a self-described “woke administrator” who oversees the K-12 curriculum offered to DoD dependents, allegedly wrote a series of anti-white messages in various social media fora, dating back to at least June 2020.

“I’m so exhausted at these white folx in these [professional development] sessions,” Wing allegedly wrote at the time.”

The National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “How is Anti-White racism even possible in a White, Christian country? Suppose White people were taken to Africa as slaves. While there, we were fed, clothed, and even housed. After a few hundred years, the Zulu tribes freed us, and were kind enough to let us stay in Africa, if Africa was as prosperous as America, which it certainly isn’t, but lets say it was. After being kind enough to free us, and then even let us stay in such a prosperous nation, where the Zulu’s even shared their prosperity with us, and then all of the sudden the 13% White population in Africa, the freed slaves, rose up against the Zulu’s, who keep in mind shared all the prosperity they had with us, but out of greed and arrogance, we wanted to be treated equal with the native Zulu’s, down to calling them racist, in their own country! How long do you think it would take for the Zulu’s to board us on ships and send us back to America, which had nothing. Let’s say again, America was a poor country, we drank out of mud puddles, lived in mud shacks, and had to go out and spear supper. Wouldn’t you think that we as Whites in Africa would have more appreciation for all the Zulu’s did for us?