Knights Party Press Release: Dec. 19. 2022

It’s proven that an armed society is a safe society, as seen in this article from The Blaze, published on Saturday, December 17th., headlined, “Yet another concealed carrier in Chicago wins the day in a threatening situation, shoots 2 and won’t be charged.”

A concealed carrier shot two men Thursday night in an outdoor confrontation in Chicago and won’t be charged for pulling the trigger, Patch reported.

The shooting represented at least the third time in 11 days that a concealed carrier in the Windy City won the day in a threatening situation.

A couple was entering their vehicle in a parking lot outside a restaurant at the Chicago Ridge Mall around 8:20 p.m. when three men approached the couple, the outlet said.

The concealed carry permit holder shot multiple rounds at the three men, police told Patch, adding that two of the three men suffered non-threatening gunshot wounds.

Patch said it was determined following an extensive investigation that the concealed carry holder who pulled the trigger won’t be charged.

Second Amendment advocate, and National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb had this to say, “It’s a proven fact that an armed society is a safe society. I’m seeing many stories like this one popping up all across America as of late, and this is a great sign. When criminal thugs decided that America shouldn’t have police departments, that they should be free to run the streets committing crimes with absolutely no concequences, did they actually think that White Americans would let this anarchy take place? When more law-abiding citizens start to legally carry, thugs will be less likely to commit crimes because they won’t know who else in a crowd may be armed to stop them in their tracks. These thugs are cowards, they’ll take your life without a second thought, but when the tables are turned, they aren’t so brazen. This is why anyone with any common sense can clearly see why an armed society makes a safe society.”