Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 2. 2023

We should just ban the word ‘illegal’ in America. To certain people, it means nothing anyhow. This article comes from The Western Journal, and was published on Saturday, December 31st., ” These Two Words Got Longtime NCSU Announcer Suspended Indefinitely During Live Call.”

A college sports radio broadcaster has been suspended from his job for daring to mention the reality of illegal immigration at the southern border.

North Carolina State broadcaster Gary Hahn was hit with an indefinite suspension by Learfield Communications for the Friday remark, according to multiple outlets, including The News & Observer and ESPN.

Hahn was calling the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina, which featured the North Carolina State Wolfpack losing 16-12 to the Maryland Terrapins.

Hahn was updating viewers on a different bowl game, the Sun Bowl, when he made the offending comments.

The irony of the matter is that Hahn isn’t exactly wrong with his assessment. Hahn’s actually quite right to point to El Paso as a Ground Zero of sorts for illegal immigration.

The Texas border city has been flooded with inflows of illegals on a near-daily basis, with 1,300 migrants arriving every day earlier this year.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison Arkansas, spoke out from his National Office saying, “Are we that ‘woke’ in America that we can’t say the truth, or use proper terms for things that are a reality? This is exactly what these non-whites are that are coming to America, ‘illegals’. They are also aliens to our country, so naturally they should called ‘illegal aliens’. I prefer to call them ‘invaders’, which is also correct as to what they are. They are invading our country illegally. If you or I, as a White, Christian citizen do something that is against the law, that is illegal, we will be held accountable for our illegal action. We will pay some kind of penalty. These illegal aliens cross our border illegally, which is just that, an illegal action, yet there is no pentalty for them to pay for doing so. It seems as if only White people have a consequence for doing anything illegal in our White, Christian country. As a matter of fact, the word illegal means absolutely nothing if it’s used in front of the word alien, and now we can face a consequence for calling them what they are? “