Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 6. 2023

Raw Story, the leftist, American hating news media, published this headline, “Confederate statues removed by Black man after White contractors refused“, with almost a smile, and a kick to the teeth of every White, Christian man, woman and child in America.

This week, The Washington Post detailed the story of how a Black contractor named Devon Henry stepped up with his company and took down most of the remaining Confederate monuments set for removal in Richmond, Virginia — when White contractors across the area refused to do so.

“Over the past three years, as the former capital of the Confederacy has taken down more than a dozen monuments to the Lost Cause, Henry — who is Black — has overseen all the work,” reported Gregory S. Schneider. “He didn’t seek the job. He had never paid much attention to Civil War history. City and state officials said they turned to Team Henry Enterprises after a long list of bigger contractors — all White-owned — said they wanted no part of taking down Confederate statues.”

“For a Black man to step in carried enormous risk. Henry concealed the name of his company for a time and long shunned media interviews. He has endured death threats, seen employees walk away and been told by others in the industry that his future is ruined. He started wearing a bulletproof vest on job sites and got a permit to carry a concealed firearm for protection,” said the report. “The drama interrupted Henry’s careful efforts to build his business. But after removing 24 monuments in Virginia and North Carolina, Henry, 45, has grown more comfortable with his role in enabling a historic reckoning with social injustice across the South. The threats haven’t let up; Henry has simply learned to live with them.”

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, spoke from his office saying, “It’s uplifting to see so many White owned and White employed contractors refusing these jobs. Raw Story, a leftist, America hating media source published this article as a way to ‘incite’ hate. The same old story, Blacks step up to destroy America, because a majority of White people won’t. It’s the ‘good guy, bad guy’ tactic used to fuel racial tension between a superior race, and an inferior race. We, as God’s chosen people being the superior race, in our own God-given White, Christian country. The White people in America that like seeing our country’s history erased are the minority. And we proud, White, Christian America loving people are supposed to just follow along and watch our history being erased. Think what would happen if 13% of Africa consisted of White people, and we went into the jungles of the Zulu tribes, as a minority, and destroyed their ‘shrunken heads’ on a stick, because they offended us!”