Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 16. 2023

Even our opponents agree, An armed society is a safe society. This article from The Daily Caller, headlined, “Blue States Attempted To Crackdown On Guns. Firearm Sales Skyrocketed Instead“, was published on Saturday, January 14. 2023.

Blue states have recently introduced restrictive gun laws that aim to remove firearms from the streets, but numerous states are now seeing massive increases in gun sales as Americans begin to “vote with their wallets,” according to data from the Firearm Industry Trade Association (NSSF).

Gun sales in Oregon, Washington and Illinois jumped either before or after legislators introduced or passed restrictive gun measures, according to National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) data adjusted by the NSSF. The number of gun sales per month in each state was based on the number of firearm background checks performed by NICS.

‘Threats, and actual legislation to limit the right of law-abiding citizens to own the firearm of their choosing, does have an effect on firearm sales,” NSSF Public Affairs Managing Director Mark Oliva told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Second Amendment advocate, and National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, with it’s National Office in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb spoke from his office saying, “White Americans have the God-given right to own firearms. The Second Amendment guarantees this right, but a God-given right can not be ruled over by mortal men. Our government is afraid. This is why there is such a big ‘anti-gun’ movement among the government. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with activities such as hunting. In colonial times, if you didn’t own a firearm, you wouldn’t be eating. Our forefathers didn’t add the Second Amendment so everyone could hunt. That would be silly and meaningless. Our forefathers added the Second Amendment so citizens had a way to protect themselves against a government that has turned against its citizens. That gives our Second Amendment a whole new meaning, and that is what scares our government. Are Blue States beginning to see the big picture? I don’t know, but it seems they are.”