Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 30. 2023

Some things don’t belong in our White, Christian America, and someone else feels the same way. On Friday, January 27th., The Birmingham News published this headline, “Hoover schools cancel Black History Month author visit after parent complaint.”

In 2022, Hoover City Schools scheduled award-winning author Derrick Barnes to visit three elementary schools.

But just before Barnes’ planned Black History Month appearances in February 2023, the invitation was abruptly canceled.

At first, the school district referenced a “recent change” and said Barnes had failed to provide information needed to offer a contract.

Later, Hoover Superintendent Dee Fowler acknowledged that Barnes had, in fact, offered some of the requested information, but not all. The cancellation came after a parent complained about Barnes’ visit and his “controversial ideas.”

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, said this, “This idea of ‘Black History’ month in our White, Christian Nation, makes no sense whatsoever. I don’t think that 13% of the black population here in America deserve any recognition as far as their history is concerned. Do you think non-white countries celebrate ‘White History’ month? Of course not, it’s foolish to think they would. If blacks feel they need to celebrate their black history, black heritage, and black culture, they need to do that in their own black countries because I, along with many others, could care less about black history, culture, or heritage. We have whole months celebrating two of the biggest sins recorded in the Bible, which is, homosexuality, and miscegenation. What America needs is a ‘White History’ month, but that would be racist, right?”