Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 6. 2023

Here’s the way to begin Black History Month. On Friday, February 3rd., Comic Sands ran this headline, “Rightwing Student Group Sparks Outrage After Hosting ‘Affimative Action Bake Sale’ At Clemson“.

The Clemson University branch of the rightwing student group Turning Point USA is facing heavy criticism for hosting an “affirmative action bake sale” on the grounds of the South Carolina university on the first day of Black History Month.

Turning Point USA members priced cookies differently based on a customer’ race, according to a photo of the sign posted on the table for the bake sale, a range of prices listed in descending order by race: Asian, White, Hispanic, Black, and Native American.

Asian students would pay the most, while the price for Native American students was listed as free.

Many decried the stunt as unequivocally racist.

In a statement posted on Instagram on Thursday, February 2, TPUSA Clemson said the bake sale was not designed to sell any cookies and in fact they hadn’t sold any.

The organization said the idea was devised to oppose affirmative action and “bring attention to the discrepancy that higher education institutions exhibit towards different races, specifically in the college admissions process.”

“Here’s the proper way to begin Black History Month, with the truth”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. He continued, “This was an ingenious way for these students to make their point, an that they did. Affirmative action has done nothing but dumb down America to the point that our present, and future young adults are, well they’re dumb.
There’s no nice way to put it. How did anyone think affirmative action would produce good results anywhere, but especially in education. I know I’m going to be called racist for what about to say, but that’s ok, the truth isn’t racist at all. Our black population in America is only 13%. This perentage of people have an average IQ of 70. That is borderline retarded. If we put our White students in classrooms with non-white students, what affirmative action does is dumb down our White children to the levels of non-white children. That’s not racism, that’s truth. The only thing I would have done differently than these students did, is White students would have gotten the free cookies. After all, it was intelligent White ingenuity that built America, and it has been kept that way by intelligent White people.”