Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 27. 2023

I missed it! Public television news networks must have missed it too. This article comes from Salon, and was published on Saturday February 25th,. “Today is the “National Day of Hate”: How did we get here?”

Cities across the country are on alert today following police warnings of an uptick in “domestic violent extremist messaging” from emboldened neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups who are organizing a “National Day of Hate.”

Hate groups have been instructed to drop banners, place stickers and flyers, and spread racist and anti-Semitic graffiti in cities across North America during the last Saturday of Black History Month. The very public displays of hate are being encouraged just as incidents targeting Jewish Americans for harassment and violence have escalated. According to the Jewish media outlet Forward, “A man charged with shooting two Jewish men as they left morning services in an Orthodox area of Los Angeles on consecutive days last week attached a photo of a Goyim Defense League flyer in an email to classmates about two months before the attack.” Members of that same group, the Goyim Defense League, were recently spotted harassing attendants of the Chabad of South Orlando.

The National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “Articles like this are what causes ‘hate’ crimes. I’ve seen the whole article, and it names only one organization. That’s it. Mainstream Media does this all the time, they’ll say ‘neo-nazis’, or ‘White Supremacists’ are going to do this, or they’re planning do to that, yet they never give any names of these ‘so-called’ organizations. Sure, maybe some nut did threaten to do something. That doesn’t mean every Pro-White organization in America plans to do the same. I’ll give you an example that I’m familiar with. Many people think that there’s only one big Ku Klux Klan organization in America. That isn’t true, there are over 40 different ones. When just one member of any of these 40 groups does something illegal, Mainstream Media just says, the ‘Ku Klan Klan’ did it. This makes us all look bad. The name Ku Klux Klan is a public domain name, meaning anyone can use it, whether they know the origins or purpose for the first Ku Klux Klan formed in 1865 or not. When some nut-job sees an article like this, they want to jump in and ‘spread the hate’. They think this what we do. Some Klans might, but that wasn’t the purpose of the original Ku Klux Klan of 1865, which the Knights Party is fashioned after. We’re not a fraternal organization. Do we share brotherly and sisterly love for each other in the Knights Party? Of course we do, but we are an organization with a purpose. We have a goal set. Not many of today’s organizations can say that, so when one goofs up, we all look bad, and that is exactly why when it comes to the Mainstream Media, they group every Pro-White organization into one single entity. They fear the organizations that are working towards goals legally, so this is the only way to try to destroy us.”