Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 24. 2023

And now, more on the riots, oops, I mean ‘peaceful’ protests of 2020. The Federalist, on Wednesday, February 22nd., published this headline, “As Seattle Settles Major Lawsuit, Media Still Insist George Floyd Riots Were ‘Mostly Peaceful’.”

After the death of George Floyd, leaders in Democratic cities across the country, who were alternately scared and desperate to virtue signal, refused to take action while the ensuing riots and looting did billions of dollars in damage to city centers across the U.S. And amid many callous and inept responses to the crisis, Seattle is a leading contender for the locality that handled things the worst.

Today, the city agreed to settle a lawsuit in federal district court that alleged the city violated the civil rights of several business owners after it ordered police to withdraw from a section of its Capitol Hill neighborhood and let protesters set up their own lawless “autonomous zone.” The area became alternately known as either the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) or Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP). This left business owners in the areas completely abandoned as law and order broke down — without a police presence, there was rampant violence, drug markets, and literal armed warlords patrolling the streets.

“Mainstream Media takes us for fools”, commented Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. He continued, “Anyone who saw these so-called peaceful protests knows that they were anything but peaceful. The images shown on TV. and in the newspapers looked like 3rd. World war torn, hollowed out cities. These actions may be peaceful to the tribes of Africa, but it certainly doesn’t belong in a civilized, White, Christian Nation, as America is. And who had the mess to clean up? Mostly White people. Who paid for mess to be cleaned up? Again, mostly White people. I recently saw an article about a young White woman being arrested for burning a ‘Pride’ flag, and vandalizing a police car embossed with homosexual symbols in support of homosexuality, yet many of the blacks and Antifa members who burned and vandalized police cruisers during actual riots in 2020 walked free. I’d call that double standards. It a shame that in a once moslty peaceful nation, we’ve allowed 13% of our population, which by the way, commit over 50% our crimes, dictate two seperate punishments for the same crime, by race.”