Knights Party Press Release: March 24. 2023

It seems even Third World, non-white countries are surpassing America in the morals department. Breitbart News published this headline, “Uganda: Parliament Approves Death Penalty for ‘Aggravated Homosexuality’”, on Wednesday, March 20th.

Uganda’s parliament passed a bill criminalizing homosexuality on Tuesday with 387 out of 389 legislators voting in favor. The bill stipulates the death penalty for defendants who commit acts of “aggravated homosexuality.”

Same-sex relationships are already illegal in Uganda — and in more than half of African nations — although post-colonial Uganda has never actually convicted anyone for prohibited same-sex activity. The new law would increase the penalties for committing homosexual acts and criminalize “promoting and abetting homosexuality” in addition to actively engaging in it.

The capital offense of “aggravated homosexuality” is defined as same-sex relations with a person “below the age of eighteen years,” or someone who has a “disability.”

Reuters noted that one reason the new offense of “aggravated homosexuality” was created was because Uganda has experienced a rash of students who were allegedly “recruited into homosexuality in schools.”

“I feel shame, that’s what I feel”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. ” I don’t feel shame because I’m White and Christian, like the politically correct say we should. No, I feel shame because America has fallen to 3rd World status, because it’s people, God’s chosen, have drifted away from God’s laws and statutes. God is punishing His people for turning their backs on Him. Rampant homosexuality here in America is our punishment for doing so. God said He would never forget His chosen people, the White race, but just as in Biblical times, our ancestors, the Israelites, were punished for it’s stiff-necked attitude and disobedience. When I see that a non-white 3rd World country will make homosexuality and same sex marriages illegal, I feel shame for America and her citizens that have just sat by and allowed homosexuality become the ‘norm’ in a White, Christian Nation. America needs to repent, and it needs a White, Christian revival. Once we accomplish that, and here’s what makes me ashamed, then maybe we can be equal to a 3rd World country like Uganda that realizes homosexuality doesn’t belong in any society. If the thought of that doesn’t shame you, it should.”