Knights Party Press Release: April 17. 2023

What??? “CVS ‘gender transition’ guide says employees must use preferred pronouns, can use bathroom reflecting identity“, was a headline published from Fox Business News on Saturday, April 15th.

CVS Health’s “gender transition guidelines” for employees requires workers to address people by their preferred pronouns and names and that they may use whichever restroom or locker room they wish regardless of whether the individual identifies as transgender.

In the guidelines obtained exclusively by FOX Business, employees are told they may be entitled to a medical leave of absence “under the Family and Medical Leave Act, state law, and/or CVS Health policy.” Transitioning employees are asked to tell their immediate leaders about their transition so the company “can provide support and to make your transition as smooth as possible.”

“You may also wish to have appropriate medical care to support your transition, including treatments such as hormone replacement therapy and/or gender confirmation surgery,” the guide states.

“During and after the transition has occurred, CVS Health encourages you to continue to partner with your Leader and your Advice & Counsel representative, and to immediately report any issues that you might have with your employment, your work environment, and/or your Leader, co-workers, clients, and customers,” it continues.

The National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based out of Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “I wonder how many of these stores realize that they’re only pawns used by their corporate headquarters to push the LGBTQP+ agenda. It trickles down to employees as well. In this case, we have CVS, which is a very large drug store chain. This isn’t shocking that the CVS corporate office would support the LGBTQP+ agenda, after all, they’re pawns as well to ‘Big Pharma’. These phamacutical companies could care less about anyone’s health, it’s just the opposite, all they’re after is a huge profit, and they don’t care who they kill, make sicker, or mutilate to make that almighty dollar. We just experienced that with the Covid vaccine, and we’re seeing it here with the drugs used to pretend you can become the opposite sex, other than the one you were born as.”