Knights Party Press Release: May 1. 2023

This headline hit on Friday, April 28th., from, “Rocky Hill tackles racism as ‘Black Crimes Matter’ flyers appear all over town after attempted carjacking“.

ROCKY HILL, CONNECTICUT: Following an attempted carjacking of a White man’s car, which left him being seriously injured, a Connecticut town held an “anti-racism meeting” on Wednesday night, April 26. This came after local lawns were littered with flyers reading ‘Black Crimes Matter.’

A Ring doorbell camera captured the attempted car theft on April 10. The footage shows a young Black man coming out of a red Infiniti Q50 sedan parked in a doorway, which is valued at $42,000 new. After finding the driver’s side door unlocked he jumps in. As soon as the White homeowner confronts the intruder, the Black man attacks him. As the pair scuffle and fall to the ground, three more men emerge from a nearby car and join the brawl punching and kicking the White homeowner.

Three days after the attempted car theft, small white flyers containing the words “Black Crimes Matter” and the contact details of a neo-Nazi group were found scattered around the area. Valerie Triblets, a member of the Racial Justice Steering Committee at the Rocky Hill Congregational Church, strongly believes that the flyers and the attempted car theft were connected.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based out of Harrison, Arkansas said, “A White man gets beat up by 3 non-white men, 2 Black and 1 Hispanic, and the story gets twisted around to blame White people for passing out flyers. First of all, everyone has the right to pass out flyers, pamphlets, and newspapers, as long as they’re not violent in nature, but when we do so, we’re called racists, bigots, and White supremacists. Cops are called, investigations are opened, and the news media asks the public for help locating whoever did it. The next time a Jehovah’s Witness leaves their materials on your doorstep, call the cops, ask for an investigation, post signs throughout your neighborhood asking the public for help in finding who put the ‘WatchTower’ magazine on your door. See how far that gets you. You would probably be arrested for stalking or harassment of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. And I’ll leave you with this, ‘Black Crime Does Matter’. It’s the truth. We have 13% of our American population commiting over 50% of our crime. If that doesn’t matter to you, as a White, there’s something wrong with you. Stating the truth backed up by facts and statistics isn’t racist.”