Knights Party Press Release: May 3. 2023

What has happened to America’s morals? On Monday, May 1st., The Daily Caller ran this headline, “Trans Woman ‘Not Guilty’ Of Indecent Exposure Charges After Using Women’s Locker Room, Court Rules“.

Darren Glines, who goes by Rachel but has not undergone transgender surgeries, was charged with public indecency in December 2022 after three reports that Glines exposed his genitals on three separate occasions while using the women’s facility between 2021 and 2022— one of which underage girls were present, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. Xenia Municipal Court judge David McNamee ruled Friday evening that there were no facts to prove Glines had entered “an area of the YMCA where [Glines] was not supposed to be,” WHIO reported.

“It’s unfortunate not only for her, but for the entire community, that the filing of these charges ever occurred,” Glines attorneys, Lauren Dever and Keara Dever, said in a statement obtained by WHIO on Monday. “We are grateful that the rule of law and the truth prevailed so that Ms. Glines and the community can move on in peace.”

Jacqueline Brockman, Fairborn YMCA Executive Director, testified that Glines had permission from herself and other YMCA employees to use the facility, according to WHIO. The YMCA’s front desk reportedly told a woman who complained about seeing a naked male in the locker room that Glines was a woman and not to be “disturbed,” according to Xenia City Council president Williams Urshcel.

“I’ve warned for many years, if ignored, the disease will grow” commented Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “Up until 1972, homosexuality was considered a mental illness. Why it was ever declassified as such, I don’t know. Take this instance here, a man, no matter what he considers himself, he is a man, exposes himself to under age girls and gets away with it just because he says he’s a woman! Just a few short years ago, this man would have been arrested, and jailed. He would have had to register under Megan’s Law as a sexual predator. Fast forward to today, by saying he’s a woman, he gets away with exposing his penis, and testicles just because he says he’s a woman? Maybe if I rob a bank, which I would never do, but just using this as an example, but I get caught robbing the bank, when I’m facing the Judge, can I tell him it wasn’t me that I’m a murderer, not a bank robber? How silly is that! Well, today we have sexual predators getting away with exposing themselve to little children by saying they’re a woman. Before 1972, America didn’t have this problem because acts such as this was considered an illegal act committed by a mentally ill person, and they were locked away in institutions where they belong.”