Knights Party Press Release: June 2. 2023

Here’s a great outcome for standing your ground. Recently, newsource Knewz published this headline, “Texas Homeowner Who Shot Home Burglar and Left Him in a ‘Pool of Blood’ Will Not Be Charged.”

A southeast Texas man will not face charges after he shot a suspected burglar inside his home. But the accused intruder will.

Beaumont police say Jason Cruz, 44, was shot in the bathroom of someone’s home shortly after midnight Friday.

A police statement indicated Cruz was found in a “large pool of blood.” He might have died, except for an officer applying a tourniquet.

Cruz was treated at a hospital. He was moved Monday to the Jefferson County Jail, where he’s held on $100,000 bond.

The homeowner reportedly admitted to police that he shot Cruz.

Police spokesperson Haley Morrow told KBMT-TV that Cruz is a suspect, while the unidentified person who shot him is the victim.

“The suspect is the one who broke the law and committed a crime and as a result he was shot,” Morrow said.

“Different results for the same crime commited”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “This case of self-defense and protecting oneself isn’t receiving the same attention as the Daniel Penny/Jordan Neely case, yet they are both the same. Clearly, you have the right to defend yourself, your family, and even your neighbors. Most all people understand this fact. But in the Daniel Penny case, because he is White and the criminal was black, it took a clear different direction. Jordan Neely, a career criminal with 40 plus arrests, some for violence against others, was on a subway in New York City harassing others, and even threatening violence upon some of the passengers. Keep in mind, Neely had at least one previous arrest for beating a 67 year old woman on the subway platform, so when Neely was threatening people on the subway, you could say that he was very serious in his threats. Peoples lives were in danger, just as the man in Texas who shot the home intruder. That man in Texas decided rightfully not to become a victim. Daniel Penny on the other hand, he did the same thing, only he was keeping possibly multiple people from being victims. Ask yourself what was the difference? In my opinion, I believe that the attention of the riots in the summer of 2020 are wearing off, and a reason for more riots in 2023 is needed. This amounts to government controlled anarchy, unless you’re White, you’re not allowed to protest anymore. If Whites protest, it’s called a riot or an insurrection. Just ask the political prisoners being held for the event of January 6th protest over a stolen election. January 6th doesn’t come close to the damages done in 2020, yet the riots in 2020 were called ‘peaceful’ protests. I wouldn’t call billions of dollars in damage peaceful.”