Knights Party Press Release: May 24. 2023

American women are under attack! On Monday, May 22nd., The Daily Mail published this headline, “Riley Gaines wants female athletes to BOYCOTT events and give governing bodies ‘a big thumbs down’.”

California senior Adeline Johnson, 18, placed fourth in the varsity girls’ 1,600-meter finals of the CIF-North Coast Section Meet of Champions after being beaten by transgender runner Athena Ryan.

The fourth place spot meant that she misses out on the state championship, and was seen gesturing a thumbs down after the race that took place on Saturday.

Ryan, a junior at Sonoma Academy, came in second and bragged that it was one of her best races, adding that she had shaved vast amounts of time off her best performance.

Riley Gaines is calling for female athletes to boycott all events that include transgender competitors after a runner lost out on a state championship place
Gaines has become a leading voice against the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports after tying for fifth against controversial trans swimmer Lia Thomas at last year’s NCAA championship.

As a spokeswoman for the Independent Women’s Forum, Riley Gaines has been working to advocate for the Women’s Bill of Rights, which would protect biological sex as a distinct legal category.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas said, “The degregation of biological women today has become common place. Just talking about sports here, women have the odds stacked against them in any sport or competition they may enter. The idea that a male, by putting on a female swimsuit, or female sports attire qualifies them to compete with biological women is ludicrous. Many of these transvestites competed in their own biological sex sports, but were failures in them, so I think they figure it would be easier to be winner if they played against women. In my opinion, I think these homosexual men that feel they should be allowed to play against women have some sort of mental illness issue. I don’t know if they grew up hating their Mothers, or if ‘Mommy’ didn’t give them enough attention, but it’s obvious that these homosexual men have an unhealthy hatred toward women.”