Knights Party Press Release: June 9. 2023

A pregnant man? Yep, according to this headline, “Pride Month: Glamour UK Uses Trans Pregnant Man on Cover“, published on Sunday, June 4th., by Cape Charles Mirror.

Glamour UK’s cover model for June is author Logan Brown, a woman who was once a lesbian but now identifies as queer, or a “trans pregnant man.” In the interview, Logan described how he suffered from “really bad mental health” issues as a child. Brown later came out as a lesbian, then decided to explore the “identity of being trans,” before finally settling to identify as queer.

Logan also described how the “accidental” pregnancy came about when he took a break from testosterone treatments due to health reasons. It was during that time that Logan was impregnated by a biologically male partner, Bailey Mills, a drag queen who identifies as non-binary.

In March 2023, Logan, a 27-year-old writer who also works as a residential children’s support worker, rose to prominence when he began to share his journey as a pregnant transgender man on his blog Up The Duff Man.

“Am I the only one who realizes how big of a lie this is?” said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “A pregnant ‘man’ on the cover of the women’s magazine, Glamour. This is just how far from reality the whole world is. As a Pastor, and follower of God’s word, I can say matter-of-factly, men can not have babies. This headline should be on a sign at a carnival freak show, along with the ‘monkey man’, ‘lizard man’ and the ‘bearded lady’ (which we see more and more of lately). This is how ridiculous this idea is. A biological woman pretends to be man. She mates with a biological man that pretends to be a woman, so now we’re to believe a man is pregnant! You have to be seriously mentally ill to switch roles, and expect to be taken seriously that a man has become pregnant. Why switch roles to begin with? The woman could have remained a woman, and the man, a man, and had a Godly union as man and woman. This whole crazy idea that people can switch sexes from the one they are born as isn’t just ridiculous, it’s Satanic.”