Knights Party Press Release: June 12. 2023

There are consequences to your actions, as shown in this article from CBS Colorado, published on Friday, June 9th., headlined, “Aurora police release body cam video of officer shooting, killing teenage robbery suspect“.

Aurora police have released the body cam video of an officer shooting and killing a teenage robbery suspect on Friday. The 14-year-old was shot near 8th Avenue and Dayton Street last Thursday, June 1.

Police said the teen, Jor’dell Richardson, 14, and others had just robbed a convenience store and stole several vape cartridges. That’s when officers said Richardson ran away and eventually officers caught up to him. Police said Richardson had a gun that he had displayed to the convenience store clerk during the robbery.

That gun was determined to be a pellet gun, according to Aurora police, that looks identical to a real 9mm.

Richardson’s family is pushing for answers as they try to understand how an Aurora police officer shot and killed the boy.

“I can answer this families questions fairly easily”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “Here’s the difference between White and black criminals killed by law enforcement. If this had been a White criminal, his family would probably have said something like, ‘he was a troubled young man, his actions finally caught up with him’, or something to that effect. This victim was black, so certainly there must be more going on here, right? That isn’t the case, although certain media outlets would put that spin on this article, like they sometimes do if it’s a black criminal. I don’t look at things by race, I look at the facts. The facts are that a black teenager used a ‘fake’ firearm to rob a convenience store. It doesn’t matter what he took, it was still a robbery. The numbskull decided to use an exact replica of a 9mm handgun to do so, which by all means, means he was armed. So the facts are this, an armed black teen robbed a convenience store. When the police caught up to him, he was armed and he just committed a felony armed robbery, so for whatever transpired after police caught up to him, they thought he was armed with a 9mm handgun, and he wasn’t afraid to brandish it according the the convenience store clerk. For whatever reason the police thought he was a threat to society and were left with nothing other than to use lethal force. There should be no unanswered questions by this family, it’s pretty cut and dry what happened. Blacks commit over 50% of America’s crime, so natually there will be a higher amount of blacks that encounter law enforcement, so it’s not about race, it’s about a races actions. I would say that the moral to this story is don’t commit crimes and you’ll be safe from the chances of being killed by law enforcement”.