Knights Party Press Release: June 21. 2023

No wonder we as a Nation can’t repent for our sins. Some don’t even know who to repent to. On Saturday, June 17th., published this headline, “Answer this Jeopardy question¬†about a Bible verse that left 3 contestants stumped: ‘Our Father, which art in heaven. {This} be thy name.'”

If you can finish this Bible verse, you may be smarter than three recent Jeopardy! contestants.

On Tuesday night, contestants faced this question: “Matthew 6:9 says, ‘Our Father, which art in heaven,’ This ‘be thy name.'”

It was billed as an easy $200 question under the category “Dadjectives,” but it still stumped all three contestants, who didn’t even attempt to answer the question.

After a few moments of awkward silence, host Mayim Bialik recited the answer, saying, “Hallowed be thy name.”

The brief clip went viral on Twitter, with some decrying it as evidence that the country had lost touch with Christianity.

“This may seem like a silly example of cultural decay. But my 5-year-old knows the entire Lord’s Prayer and loves to recite it at dinner time,” one account tweeted.

Another asked, “How would anyone not know “hallowed” to be the answer? Allowing society to push GOD from everything was the beginning of the end.”

“This says alot about the moral decay of our society”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, and Pastor of the Christian Revival Center, both centrally located in Harrison, Arkansas. “Here we have 3 highly educated¬† people, because you have to be of a higher than normal intelligence to play jeopardy, but none could even give a good guess of the word to insert into one of the most famous prayers in the Bible! America and her people have turned their backs on God, just as we, the ancestors of the White Israelites spoken of in the Bible did many times. But each time we did, and we repented for our sins, God was quick to forgive us and come to our rescue once again. God hasn’t changed, and neither have we. We have turned our backs on God, so of course we’re being punished just as our ancestors in Biblical times. God isn’t a hateful God, but just a father lovingly punishes his children, to steer them onto the right path, God does the same thing to us. The Satanic Rebellion is strong, and growing stronger by the day. Until we as a people repent for allowing the decay within our God-given country, things will only get worse. Satan is working hard to distract us from that repentance, because he wants to see America destroyed. This article is just one instance of the downward spiral of our God-given land. 3 highly intelligent people couldn’t fill in ‘Hallowed’ to probably the most famous prayer in the Bible. This used to be taught to children in kindergarten!”