Knights Party Press Release: Oct. 6. 2023

A small win for parents! On Tuesday, October 3rd., The Washington Times ran this headline, “Wisconsin judge throws out shcool’s pronoun policy in a win for parents’ rights.”

A Wisconsin judge ruled on Tuesday against a school district’s policy of adopting students’ preferred pronouns and names without obtaining parental consent, a decision cheered as a “groundbreaking legal win” for parents’ rights.

Waukesha County Circuit Judge Michael Maxwell granted summary judgment to parents who sued the Kettle Moraine School District in southeastern Wisconsin, finding the district violated the rights of parents to make medical decisions on behalf of their children.

“The School District could not administer medicine to a student without parental consent,” said Judge Maxwell in the 19-page opinion. “The School District could not require or allow a student to participate in a sport without parental consent. Likewise, the School District cannot change the pronoun of a student without parental consent without impinging on a fundamental liberty interest of the parents.”

Attorneys for the two families that filed the 2021 lawsuit described the ruling as a pivotal victory for parents’ rights as school districts across the nation adopt policies allowing children to undergo social transitions without their parents’ knowledge or permission.

“This is great to hear, but I hope this doesn’t fool some parents”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “It seems that sometimes our judicial system will throw out some crumbs to make America’s public school system look like they’re working for the best interest of parents and their children. In this case, I hope the parents aren’t blinded by their celebration to avoid looking at other problems within our public school systems as well. Such as, Critical Race Theory, Equity and Diversity, the 1619 Project, Black Lives Matter and other communist activities. While this win is great, if you’re a parent, don’t let the smoke get into your eyes. The subject of pronouns isn’t the biggest problem going on. I promote homeschooling your children. You can no longer use the excuse of ‘I don’t have time’, because you made time when the schools closed down for Covid-19, so please, make time again. If you don’t know where to begin, go to this website, Aren’t your children worth it?”