Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 22. 2024

Lets just dumb everybody down. On Friday, January 19th., The Blaze published this headline, “‘Achieving equity’ among students may require unequal distribution of resources and services‘: Milwaukee Public Schools memo

“”Achieving equity” among students may “require unequal distribution of resources and services,” according to a Milwaukee Public Schools memo Young America’s Foundation obtained.

What are the details?
The overarching theme of the 33-page memo is student discipline “disproportionality,” and the document also includes directives on anti-racism, equity, and “whiteness.”

One section on page 25 of the memo reads: “Whiteness is everywhere around us. Educational practices have been rooted in whiteness and coming from a lens of whiteness for years. Educators should reflect on which elements of whiteness they see in education, which they participate in, and which elements they can work to dismantle.”

That same page suggests staff ask themselves, “How is your world view and practices within education centered in whiteness? What racists [sic] beliefs have you internalized? What are specific steps we can take to de-center whiteness in our educational practices?”

“Lets hope Whiteness is all around us! This is a White, Christian country afterall”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “I’m sure in Africa black people are around everywhere, teaching their black culture. It’s what the races do, they build themselves up, they take care of their own. It’s natural, except in America, for the White race. We’re not allowed to build each other up, not allowed to be proud of all our achievements, not allowed to celebrate the fact that we are God’s chosen people. Our society is crumbling because kids from a very young age are being taught lies about their ancestors, they’re told our founding fathers were evil men, that their accomplishments were bad and that somehow White people today owe something to these other races. Listen, non-whites are given every opportunity that Whites have, but you can only civilize and educate certain people to a certain level. It’s not our fault that as a whole, White people accomplish things that some races aren’t capable of. We shouldn’t be ashamed of ourselves because we’re White. The end result of dumbing down our White children is a future of living in poverty. Living in mud huts, drinking from mud puddles, and spearing our next meal. All races benefit because of White culture. Without White people, America would not exist as the greatest country in the world. It’s time for White people to stand up and take our country back. Not by violence, as non-whites do, but by using our White voices that God gave us. You as a White man, woman, or child can help fight for America. As a matter of fact, check out the Knights Party public website at See what we are about, what our goals are, and maybe you would like to stand with us.”