Knights Party Press Release: February 7. 2024

So? On Monday, February 5th., the Atlantic Black Star published this headline, “Ohio Ex-Deputy claims Man He Fatally Shot Was Holding A GunBut Prosecuter Says He Was Actually Holding Sandwiches and keys.”

The murder trial for a former Ohio deputy accused of murdering Casey Goodson Jr. in 2020 just got underway last week.

Jason Meade is on trial for murder and reckless homicide after fatally shooting 23-year-old Goodson in the back at Goodson’s grandmother’s home.

The shooting occurred after a manhunt for a wanted fugitive on Dec. 4, 2020, in the Columbus area. Meade, a former deputy with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, was working alongside U.S. Marshals in the search.

After authorities wrapped up their search efforts for the day with no arrests, Meade claims he saw Goodson waving a gun erratically from inside his car, according to a 2021 statement from Meade’s lawyers. So, he started tracking him.

Meade followed Goodson to his grandmother’s home and claimed to see him holding a gun in his right hand and a plastic bag in his left as he got out of his car and approached the house. He yelled at Goodson several times to show his hands, but Goodson ignored the commands, the statement said. When Goodson did finally turn to face the officer, Meade’s lawyers say he lifted the gun in his hand, so Meade opened fire.

Goodson died after being shot six times. Five of those shots were to his back.

“This wasn’t murder, it was a mistake”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “Sure, this may have been tragic to some, but to punish someone for a mistake? Officer Meade has the deck stacked against him. Number one, this incident happened in 2020 during the time of the George Floyd overdose. Number two, Just as Officer Chauvin with the Floyd case, Officer Meade is White, and the criminal is black. Atlantic Black Star is a non-white newsource, so this is definately a biased article. Lets talk about the facts, Casey Goodson was a 23 year old career criminal. A wanted fugitive. Wanted bad enough to have U.S. Marshals involved in the manhunt. The crime doesn’t matter. It was a crime. Now lets talk about some statistics. 13% of our population is black. That 13% causes 56% of the crime in America. The average IQ within the black race is 70, which is borderline retarded. Naturally police are going to handle things differently during the arrest of a black criminal. That’s not racist because facts show that an average black male, or female, is mentally handicapped. I don’t know how long these statistics go back, but since 2016, there have been more White people killed by law enforcement than black. Why don’t we see the outcry from White people about those facts? The answer is, Mainstream Media doesn’t report them. That would go against the agenda of our government, which has the Media in their back pocket. So yes, a story like this may be tragic to some, but statistically, the blacks get off easy”.