Knights Party Press Release: March 15. 2024

Great job young man. On Tuesday, March 12. 2024, The Blaze published this headline, “‘It’s not happening’: High school backs down after student refuses to remove American flag from his truck.”

School officials in Southeastern Indiana apologized to parents after a student was asked not to fly an American flag from the back of his truck on school grounds.

Cameron Blasek was asked by school staff at East Central High School to remove the flag from his truck. The school district later explained that the concern was due to the idea that should one flag be flown, all other flag types would be allowed.

This was not explained to Blasek when he was approached by a vice principal and counselor.

“‘Hey, Cameron, you got to remove the flag from the back of your truck.’ I said, ‘It’s not happening,'” Blasek told local outlet the 765. “I told them it would be there all day today and first thing in the morning tomorrow, too. Then they said if you don’t take it down, you are getting written up for insubordination. Then they said we could go to the office and talk about it more if I would like.

Later in the same day, Blasek was called to the office to discuss the situation again. He showed school officials that he was following both laws related to the flag and the school’s code of conduct.

“I read through the Central 2023/2024 handbook, and the word ‘flag’ wasn’t even mentioned in the parking lot or driving section. The only section it’s mentioned in is the flag twirling section,” the teenager told WCPO 9.

National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, Thomas Robb, spoke from his centrally located National Office, in Harrison, Arkansas, “People sometimes say to me, ‘You’ll never make any changes the way the Knights Party does things’. They of course are talking about using violence to try to make the changes that America desperately needs. I see many so-called White Nationalist groups using this tactic. Listen, if we seriously want to gather our people, we won’t be able to do that by scaring them. Sure, there are some ‘tough’ guys that think it’s cool to ‘mean mug’ everyone, posting pictures of nooses and firearms and things like that. They would join a violent group like some are. But what happens next? You go out committing crimes against other people and organizations, and when caught, guess what? You’re out of the game. You gave our enemies exactly what they wanted. You’re behind bars. This article is perfect for me to show you that it doesn’t take violence to make changes. Sometimes you need to use brains, not brawn. Make no mistake, your voice is more powerful than you think, and when you get enough voices saying ‘this is enough’, change will come.”