Knights Party Press Release: March 18. 2024

This is a call for nationwide segregation! On Friday, March 15. 2024, PEOPLE published this headline, “Family of Missouri Teen Beaten on Video Say They Are ‘Hopeful’ She Will Recover Despite ‘Long Road Ahead”.

Family members of a Missouri teen who was brutally beaten and is in critical condition with brain injuries are hopeful that she will recover, according to reports.

Kaylee Gain, 15, was hospitalized after a violent brawl captured on camera outside a school in St. Louis, Miss. on March 8, St. Louis County Police Department confirms to PEOPLE.

Police were notified about a fight near the Hazelwood East High School and found the victim “suffering a severe head injury,” they tell PEOPLE.

A video of the fight, recorded by a witness and released by several media outlets, has gone viral on social media. The footage shows a girl slamming the victim’s head into the ground several times.

Police say they arrested a 15-year-old student in connection with the assault.

Gain’s friends and family have set up two GoFundMe fundraisers to assist with her recovery, help pay medical bills and make up for lost wages while her family cares for her.

“We are all hoping that Kaylee will be ok but until then we have a long road ahead until we know for sure,” her cousin Hayden Gain said in one of the fundraisers set up this week.

“America needs to return to segregation, and not just in our school systems”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “In 1957, a gentleman named John Kasper wrote a booklet called ‘Segregation or Death’. He explained how the blacks for example should be segregated from Whites, but not only Whites, but every other non-white race. The problems we have today in America as far as race, could be easily solved by segregation. Kasper, in his booklet explained that each race has their own history, culture, and heritage. There’s no way possible to try to include blacks, or any other non-white race in America’s White, Christian heritage, or culture. The reason is that blacks have their own history, heritage and culture. Kasper explains that if we’re to include blacks in our history, we would have to say that their history didn’t start until 1865 when they were freed from slavery. In actuality we know black history started in Africa, and other black nations. I don’t have time to explain Kasper’s whole booklet, but it boils down to each race has their respective characteristics brought out by their DNA. How many times have you seen stories like this lately, where a black student beats another student, or even teachers to within inches of their lives? If America’s schools were segregated, these black kids would get along better because they would be around their own kind. This goes into adulthood too because adult blacks still maintain their own DNA, which controls their characteristics, which do not fit into White, American culture, heritage, or history. In my opinion, no non-white should be allowed to take up residence in America, but at least segregation would be a start.”