Knights Party Press Release: March 22. 2024

Quit making everything about race. Police make mistakes just like you and I. Sunday, March 17th., Atlantic Black Star ran this headline, “‘White Men Were Involved in the Robbery’: Portland Officer Kills Unarmed Black Man After Mistakenly Targeting Him as Robber, Lawsuit Says.”

After a Black man was fatally shot in the back by a Portland police officer while running away during a response to an armed robbery call in November 2022, he was left to bleed out for nearly 30 minutes and later died at a hospital, according to a lawsuit filed by a representative of the man’s estate.

The lawsuit accuses the officer – who shot Immanueal Jaquez Clark, 30, with an AR-15 rifle – and the city of Portland, Oregon, of excessive force, negligence for failing to provide emergency medical care, and wrongful death in a federal lawsuit filed March 7.

Several Portland Police Bureau officers responded to a call of an attempted robbery of a person parked at a fast food restaurant shortly after midnight on Nov. 19, 2022, and were informed that the suspects were white, according to the lawsuit.

“The victim told the 911 dispatcher that [three to four] white men were involved in the robbery, and they left in a sedan heading west on Powell Boulevard,” according to the lawsuit.

“The victim was only able to describe the gunman as a white man wearing a ski mask and a black hoodie. The victim provided no further description of any of the suspects other than that they were ‘definitely’ white men,” the complaint continues.

Officers then followed a vehicle without probable cause that its occupants were involved in the robbery and approached it after the car with multiple people stopped in a church’s parking lot, according to the complaint.

“If this were a White man, nothing would be said. This article wouldn’t exist”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas. “Is this a tragedy? Yes, to some it is. Is this a racial situation? No, it is not. This officer gathered information aboiut a robbery, and with that information he found a car that met the description. During this encounter a black man took off running, while others stayed at the scene. This officer decided that this situation was dangerous because a black man ran, so he used his firearm to keep everyone else safe. This black man ran, so he was into some kind of criminal activity. This officer didn”t know if this black man would grab an innocent bystander as a hostage or not, so he made sure that didn’t happen. By his running from the scene, he made himself look like he may have been involved in the crime that the officer was investigating. Had this black man not ran from from the scene, he would be alive today. Some people don’t understand that actions have consequences. This article coming from Altanta Black Star has to twist things into a hate crime. Don’t let these articles like this fool you. Since 2016, and I don’t know if the statistics go back further than this or not, but since 2016 there were more White people killed by law enforcement than black people, every single year. Do you know why you don’t see articles of White people crying because a White was killed by law enforcement? It’s because most White people realize that actions like this black man displayed just might get you killed. Most White people accept that there are consequences for our actions.”