Knights Party Press Release: March 20. 2024

This is every school in America’s Public School System. the New York Post on Sunday, March 17th., published this headline, “How a school that was once called ‘exemplary’ devolved into one of the most troubled in America.”

The troubled Massachusetts high school where parents and community members wanted the National Guard to help restore order was labeled “exemplary” by a Harvard University study just 15 years ago — but now families are fleeing in droves.

Parents are opting to home school their kids or are moving to another district, rather than let their children face the violence plaguing the campus.

Brockton High School was profiled in “How High Schools Become Exemplary,” a 2009 study which examined how teachers banded together in their own free time to reshape the curriculum and turn things around at the school 25 miles south of Boston.

Over about a decade, they developed a system where every educator– including gym teachers, art teachers and guidance counselors — worked to incorporate reading, writing, speaking skills and reasoning, into their classes and sessions.

By the end of the process, Brockton went from a school where the unofficial motto was “students have a right to fail if they want,” to one of the highest performing public schools in the country, according to a 2010 New York Times profile.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, spoke from his office saying, “One of the biggest problems that turned the Public School Systems into a downward spiral was when segregation of schools was banned in the late 1960’s. You can’t integrate the races because each race is only capable of a certain level of academic achievement. Most blacks can not be taught to the higher level of that of White children. That causes the dumbing down of students by lowering levels so little black Toby can look as smart as little White Mary. Doing this causes every student to drop to a lower level of what they are capable of learning. Look around, we’re seeing the effects now of the dumbing down of White children. Another reason schools are failing is because God was taken out of the classrooms. Everything that’s happening now was planned. You see God had to be removed so the idea of homosexuality could be introduced into the classroom. You sure couldn’t say the morning prayer, and then turn around and promote homosexuality to the children as being ‘cool’, or the ‘in’ thing to be could you? My advice to everyone is to homeschool. Even black parents. That way if they want to promote black history to their kids, it won’t affect the White kids by teaching them that they are worthless, to hate their White skin, and also to hate our ‘evil’ country. It’s a win/win for all. If you’re interested in homeschooling, check out this website,”