The Knights Party Holds “Love Your Heritage” Flag Rally Held Over Weekend

Over the weekend on February 17, approximately forty to fifty members and supporters of The Knights Party held a “Love Your Heritage” Flag Rally in honor of Valentines Day. Participants lined a large section of Hwy 62-65 North in Harrison, Arkansas; a busy road carrying visitors to Branson, Missouri. Confederate, American, Christian, and Blue Lives Matter flags waved in the breeze.  Children held large pink hearts. Rachel Pendergraft, a spokesperson for the event was pleased with the turnout and the reception. “Local members and residents turning out to support our heritage and police helps to promote a positive image for this community. There were plenty of ‘thumbs up’, waves, and horn honks indicating appreciation for our presence. So many move to Harrison from areas in the country where they are afraid to show love for their people and Christian faith. They find this refreshing and uplifting!”