Summer – Law Enforcement Outreach – Now Underway

The Knights Party has always been on the side of law and order. As the 2007 Law and Order edition of Crusader newspaper stated, “Law and Order is important to Western Civilization and its preservation.” This newest Crusader is directed to the law enforcement community with many timely articles related to the LE community, views from former LE officers, and important information about the SPLC and ADL. Thousands of these have been printed and have been distributed throughout the summer. Call our national office at 870-427-3414 – during office hours – to ask how you can help.

If you are a LE officer and would like to receive one, please don’t hesitate in making your request. We also offer a 5 Disc DVD pack specifically for law enforcement personnel. It includes excerpts of talks given to LE groups as well as a video recording of one of the classes taught at The Knights Party Leadership Academy: Non-Violence – Path Toward a New White Racial Consciousness; Revolution through Transformation.